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Interview CLINT BAHR for Highlands Magazine, France

Questions by Marie MESMER


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Delightfully blurring both stylistic and structural approaches, the tight-knit unit Bahr has assembled proves as unpredictable as they are adept, articulate and convicted. Described as "a genre-defying global collaboration of artists; a cross-pollination of diverse instruments and talents," PUZZLEBOX recalls prog in its early heydays: when albums as uninhibited and off script as King Crimson's Lizard and Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica were celebrated, and the Canterbury renaissance was in full swing.


Brilliantly arranged and produced, Clint Bahr has delivered a multi-faceted, timeless epic ... at such a time as this.


Inextricably linked to MoonJune Records, the 2003 self-titled debut of Clint Bahr's seminal NYC-based power trio, TriPod, was the label's fourth release. Harkening back to the same "reaching beyond" mentality which defined the work, PUZZLEBOX - bassist / vocalist / composer / multi-instrumentalist Bahr's long-awaited epic - is a fitting way to document this most special of occasions: seeing both artist and label going full circle, and in grandiose style!

Is that really legal?

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